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Availability: Nationwide

Topics: Management, Motivational, Succession Planning


Susan A. Thomas - Fee Apply.
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Website: www.winningizahabit.com
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If a key position became vacant tomorrow, are internal candidates equipped and ready for a seamless transition – or will you be forced to recruit from the outside?


Are you creating an environment where your most talented business partners choose to stay and are expected to grow and add value? “Growing internal leadership has a tremendous impact on productivity, morale and revenue,” says Susan Thomas, a business consultant with a client list that includes National Motor Club of America, Trivani International, and a list of others. “Companies like Oxano Design and Infinity Group out of Toronto Canada know this to be true.”

In her dynamic talk, Susan Thomas shows how to master Succession Planning – the art of growing internal leadership – so that when a key player leaves or is promoted, you’re fully prepared. She explores the four “E’s” of visionary leadership – Empowerment, Encouragement, Environment and Emotional Intelligence – essential skills in today’s competitive business climate. Whether you’re a member of the upper management team concerned with developing leadership or an employee committed to career advancement, her talk reveals what you need to know to keep the edge over competitors and maximize personal success.


Topics include:



Win-Win or Don’t Bother


Learn winning negotiating skills by changing your approach from “position” to “collaboration.” Whether your goal is closing a business deal, gaining buy-in as a leader or navigating through individual or team conflict, you're negotiating everyday – all the time – whether you think so or not.


Secrets of Career Success


Discover the unspoken rules for achieving professional and personal success, and the hidden qualities companies look for in business builders.


The Seven Pillars of Accountability


If you have a strategic plan collecting dust or business builders who are playing the blame-game, there is hope. Find out how accountability will bring your strategic plan back to life and inspire your business builders to take on and own business challenges. Accountability is, in fact a learned skill!


The Human Element of Business Success


Discover the #1 reason why Network Marketers fail. In today’s electronic age, the human element of growing a business has never been more important. Create an energized and committed team force in which your business partners welcome and seek out greater responsibility. Learn how delegation, empowerment, inspiration and leadership development unleash excellence.


Move up the Strategic Spectrum


Studies confirm that most managers operate one level lower on the tactical-strategic spectrum than what’s required to be successful. Appreciate and differentiate between the "functional" and "strategic" aspects of your buisness. Learn to think strategically and motivate others by helping them understand how their buisness connects to the vision of a company. As Studs Turkel says, "Work is a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread." Learn to spend less time managing and more time leading!